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Oakhill Surgery is a training practice, and we host a variety of medical students and training doctors.

Our GP’s have completed the appropriate additional training qualifications to become trainers and we are audited every 3 years.

All GP partners and our wider clinical and non-clinical team members are involved in the training of medical students and training doctors.

At the surgery, throughout each year we often host:

Medical Students – Years 3, 4 &5

Year 3 - these students are with us in groups of 6 and come to the surgery alternate weeks for one day to spend time seeing patients and working with the GP supervising them.

Year 4 – these students spend a 32 week block with a practice visiting the surgery to run clinics one day a week.

Year 5 – these students attend the surgery 4 days per week, in pairs, for a 9 week placement.

All medical students will conduct consultations with patients, attend home visits and support the practice with admin and audit. During these placements, the students will be supervised for every patient contact by our GPs based at the surgery.

GP Speciality training – ST1, ST2 & ST3

Once a training doctor has completed their 2 year foundation training, they will choose a speciality within medicine to focus their training on. Training doctors that choose to become a general practitioner will complete 3 years training within primary care.

ST1 – supervised remotely by one of our GPs with 6 visits per year to the practice for one day each.

ST2 – 6 months block placement within our GP practice, conducting consultations, home visits and all associated patients’ administration. Plus 6 months placement in a local hospital.

ST3 – final year of training, completing consultations, home visits and all patient administration. Supervision is maintained, however by this stage the training doctor is very competent, and support is available when required.

For more information visit these websites BMA or SEVERN DEANERY