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Face Coverings

All patients and visitors are required to wear a face covering when attending the surgery for appointments, prescription collections or visiting reception. Thank you for your cooperation.


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NHS 111 can help if you have an urgent medical problem and you’re not sure what to do. NHS 111

Get the latest NHS information and advice about coronavirus (COVID-19) at NHS.UK - Coronavirus



So it is a Farewell to the SHAPE vaccination site – Thank you to Mendip District Council and their amazing staff for their continuous support over the last 18months.

The team will be carrying on to deliver vaccines to Care home residents and Housebound patients over the next month. We are hoping to run a smaller service locally and we will update you on the shepton hub facebook page and through local communications. Please read all this information as it covers all eligible groups and the activity.

In the meantime there are other vaccine sites where you can get a vaccine and all information can be found on the links placed below.

1.Somerset CCG Covid Info page that shows the sites and opening times also at the bottom of that page.

2. Find the nearest site by Postcode -

3. Manage or book your vaccination appointment via the national booking service –

4. Get help with your vaccination record - Get help with the check your COVID-19 vaccine record service - NHS (

The Spring Booster vaccination is for all 75+yrs and the immunosuppressed.

All persons in eligible groups will receive direct communication to assist them with arranging a suitable and local appointment.

The 5-11yrs groups will be sent National letters / texts or emails to invite you to book. The cohorts will start with the 11yr olds and work down the age groups. These are due to be released to parents / carers on Sat 2/4/22.

Alternatively appointments, if eligible, can be made by calling 119 or booking online.

It’s never too late to get your COVID-19 vaccination, as the best way to protect yourself and your loved ones against the Corona-19 virus including the Omicron variant. We have plenty of walk in and bookable slots across Somerset at our community pharmacies, GP sites and main vaccination centres.

If you are unable to find the answers through these links and need further help please email – please be patient for a response as we are on a reduced workforce now and we will try and reply within 48hrs.

A huge thank you from the Team to the Shepton Community for the fabulous support, positive comments, encouragement and gifts that you have offered. Without this, the campaign would not have been so successful. We have delivered 90, 522 vaccinations to our community and are truly proud to have supported you all.


Covid-19 vaccinations in Somerset - Frequently asked questions 

Frequently Asked Questions


NHS COVID Passport

Please visit this website for everything you need to know about an NHS COVID PASSPORT


Useful information for all women of childbearing age, those currently pregnant or breast feeding

A guide to Covid-19 Vaccination

Useful guides for parents/carers

Covid-19 Testing: A quick guide for parents/carers

Return to school chart for parents/carers


Recovery after Covid

An NHS website has been set up to support patient recovery after COVID-19. ‘Your COVID Recovery’ helps patients to understand what has happened and what they might expect as part of their recovery. Your Covid Recovery


Self-isolation leaflet

This leaflet includes details around when to self-isolate and what to do. Self-Isolation leaflet


Test & Trace

This service will help identify, contain and control coronavirus, reduce the spread of the virus and save lives.

This guidance means those who have been in close contact with someone who tests positive must isolate for 10 days, even if they have no symptoms.

For more information on test & trace, please check online at Test & Trace


Infection Control

For lots of useful information on infection control including the correct handwashing technique, please check online at NHS.UK Infection Control


Shielding Patients

For the most up to date advice regarding shielding patients, please check online at GOV.UK Shielding Advice


Employer Sick Notes

If you need a self-isolation sick note for your employer please refer to NHS 111 Isolation Note


Volunteer Network

There are many volunteer groups set up in each local area and they may be able to help with collecting food and other essential supplies, including prescriptions, making deliveries and running errands. Some areas have volunteers who would be glad to speak on the phone to any resident who would welcome a call if you are feeling lonely.

You may need a volunteer if you are disabled, pregnant, don’t have access to transport, are sick and injured and don’t have family members to help you.

Please visit the websites below for more information on local volunteer groups and lots of useful information for various problems that you may need help and support with.

Health Connections Mendip



Community pharmacy

Pharmacists and their teams are an essential part of the NHS and need your help and support during the coronavirus pandemic. Always treat staff with respect, they are doing their best to provide you with the medicines and advice you need.

Important information on prescriptions during the COVID-19 pandemic

  1. Order repeat prescriptions in your usual quantities at the usual time. Over ordering of your medicines may mean someone else has to go without their medicines.
  2. Order your usual prescription online or via an app. Do not go to your GP practice or pharmacy to order prescriptions and only phone them if you cannot order online or via an app. You can order repeat prescriptions on the NHS App and through your GP surgery or pharmacy’s online service, where available. You can find out about ordering medicines online at

  3. If you have a prescription to collect:

    If you are 70 or over, have a long-term health condition or are pregnant you should arrange collection by a relative or friend, or ask your pharmacy for advice about delivery.

    Ask any relatives and friends who are delivering your medicines to make sure they have seen you pick up the bag.

    If your medicines are being delivered make sure you keep a safe distance when you receive them.

  4. For everyone else, if you are going into a pharmacy in person, follow social distancing rules and the rules put in place by the pharmacy to protect you and their staff.

  5. Pharmacies may have altered opening times to manage their workload.

  6. Sales of some medicines may be restricted in quantity by pharmacies to ensure that there is enough for everyone.


Dental practices

If you need help from a dentist:

  • contact your dental practice by phone or email
  • you will be given advice or offered an appointment if appropriate
  • for urgent dental care you can also use the NHS 111 online service

If you are told to visit your dentist, you may notice some changes have been made to keep you and your dental team safe.

  • Your practice will look different as it observes social distancing and hygiene rules
  • The dental team may also be wearing different protective equipment to what you are used to seeing
  • The range of treatments you will be offered may be different to what you received previously
  • Treatments offered may vary from practice to practice
  • This will depend on the staff and equipment available at the time and is to ensure your safety and that of the dental team

Please do not visit your practice unless you’ve been advised to. This will ensure they can continue to provide essential care safely.

If you think you need urgent dental treatment:

  • call your dentist
  • if you cannot contact your dentist, or you do not have one, use the NHS 111 online service
  • if a clinical appointment is necessary, this may take place at your dental practice or at an urgent dental care centre


Eye care and opticians

Anyone with a regular optician should as a first step call their practice/store.  Please do not visit the practice/store.

The Optometrist will assess your situation over the phone, give advice and, if needed, issue spectacles or contact lenses if these have been supplied before. These can be collected from or delivered by a local optician.

If you require spectacles to function with essential tasks such as work or driving as a key worker and it is not possible to dispense spectacles based on a previous prescription, then the Optometrist is able to arrange a face to face consultation at the practice. This is subject to the Optometrist’s clinical view of:

  • COVID-19 risk for both patient and practice team
  • The patient’s essential need for spectacles and/or contact lenses

Anyone without a regular optician can find details of local practices via: nhs uk service search

If the Optometrist thinks that urgent or emergency eye care is needed, they will refer you into the local urgent or emergency eye care service so that any necessary treatment can be carried out. This may be carried out by the same optical practice or another local practice. 

For eye care problems, please contact your Optician first. Please do not visit A&E, your GP practice or Pharmacy. 


Visiting from Abroad

For information on how to access NHS services in England if you are visiting from abroad please visit -


Access to testing

Check online at GOV.UK Getting Tested for the latest guidance on coronavirus testing, including who is eligible for a test and how to get tested.

Anyone in England and Wales who has symptoms of coronavirus, whatever their age can ask for a test through the NHS website NHS ask for a test


Practice Policies

Social Distancing

Social distancing is extremely important and we are enforcing this at the surgery. Only 2 patients will be allowed to wait in our front foyer area for reception or dispensary. You will be asked to wait 2 meters apart when inside and other patients will be asked to wait outside until there is space to enter.



All clinical staff are wearing basic PPE for seeing patients who report being symptom free but have been invited into the surgery, this would be a mask, gloves and apron.

For patients who have to attend and are considered potentially high risk of being infectious, after being screened via the telephone, staff will wear full protective clothing for the consultation, and patients are seen in the locked side of the surgery away from normal public areas and these areas will be thoroughly cleaned after each patient has been seen.

All patients seen in the surgery where the clinician needs to get close for examination purposes will be offered a mask, if they do not have their own.

All patients are asked to wash their hands or use the hand gel provided before entering and on leaving the building.



There is no need to stockpile medicines. Ordering extra prescriptions and buying more over-the-counter medicines than you need, will contribute to disruption to the medicines supply chain, which is otherwise robust.

Please may we ask that you request your medication electronically whenever possible.

Please visit our Request Online page for advice on how to order your prescription online.

Alternatively you can email your request to or bring your repeat slip to the surgery where we have a temporary box outside of the main entrance so patients don’t need to enter the surgery.

Please remember if you have received a letter that you should be shielding/isolating then please ask a family member, friend or neighbour to bring your repeat prescription slip to the surgery if you are unable to order online or to come and collect your prescription for you after 2 working days. If you don’t have anyone to help you, you can ask a local volunteer for help. Please visit the Latest advice & guidance section at the top of this page for information on this.




Contact between patients and the practice during Covid-19

We are available for you to contact us, as usual, in the following ways:

You can create an online account to be able to view appointments, medical records and order repeat prescriptions via Patient Access. If you haven't registered yet, please contact our reception team to be issued with a unique username and password.

You can sign up as registered online service users without having to visit the practice at this time, allowing you to access all the services we provide through Patient Access. Identity verification can be carried out by telephone if you are known to the practice, or by video consultation. Reception can also enable online registration which allows you to register via Patient Access.


Changes to our services

As we hope patients will understand, we have adapted our services to provide a safe way to communicate and consult with our patients on routine health matters and those related to coronavirus.

We were given a mandate from the NHS to re-organise services to ensure that patients continue to receive a service. Patients may already have noticed that we are no longer offering pre-bookable face to face appointments.

Instead, a phone call or video consultation takes place first, and then if necessary, patients will then be asked to attend for a face to face appointment.

GP services are being reorganised so that patients who may have COVID-19 are kept separate from patients who don’t.

We are operating a zoning system whereby patients for routine health matters will be seen in a clean zone away from any potential cases of suspected coronavirus. Our infection control standards are extremely high and we are taking all necessary precautions to ensure your safety should you be asked to visit the surgery.

In the event that we do need to see a patient with suspected coronavirus symptoms, an assessment would be completed in a separate area of the practice with its own access and away from all other patients. Deep cleaning processes would commence following any such assessment taking place.


Changes to examinations

From now on, if you need a chest or heart examination, this will be carried out from behind you rather than in front of you. This is based on current clinical guidance to protect you and our clinicians.

The latest guidance advises that throats should not be examined and they should be treated on symptoms only. Please note that our GPs and nurses will no longer be examining anyone’s throat.


Services at the surgery

We continue to triage all appointment requests for any clinician at our practice.. 

For all appointments that require a GP, once the doctor has spoken to you they will decide the most appropriate way to consult with you on your health matter. This may be over the telephone, using a secure video call or ask you to attend the surgery.

We are offering limited and essential face to face appointments with our practice nurses (following a telephone call to triage patients to check it is safe to do so):

  • annual and 6 monthly chronic disease checks
  • prescribed injections e.g. contraception Injections & B12
  • cervical smear tests
  • dressings
  • pessary ring changes
  • child immunisations
  • blood tests 


Antibody testing for SARS-CoV-2 (’Covid-19’/ ‘Coronavirus’)

Antibody testing checks for antibodies to the coronavirus in a blood sample, which is looking for evidence of past, not current, infection. This test is available to healthcare workers, and patients having blood tests for other reasons who would like to have their antibody test done, but is not available on request for other patients.

The test has very limited use and is currently mainly for research purposes. A positive test suggests past infection, but it is not known whether this provides any immunity to further Covid-19 infection. Therefore, someone with a positive test still needs to follow guidance about social distancing, hygiene measures and isolation for any symptoms or contact with possible Covid-19 cases, as they may be able to pick the virus up again and pass it on to others.

The test should become positive 14 or more days after infection with SARS-CoV-2 virus. However, it should also be noted that many people who have had Covid-19, even after a positive antigen (swab) test, have subsequently had negative antibody tests, so a negative test does not rule out past infection. Research has indicated that those with the most severe infection tend to have the highest antibody levels afterwards, but also that antibody tests may stay negative after infection, and that in many people antibody levels reduce with time and become undetectable after a few weeks.

If patients who are aware of all of this would still like to have the SARS-COV-2 antibody test added when they are having blood taken for anything else, it can be requested at the time of the blood test, in which case there is a consent form that needs to be discussed and signed.


Services for support in your area

Somerset’s Local Authorities - Coronavirus support helpline

0300 790 6275 - Available 8am to 6pm, seven days a week

A single number is now available for anyone in Somerset who needs Coronavirus related support from Somerset’s Local Authorities. Anyone who can’t find help within their community can use the helpline to get help and advice surrounding:

  • Emotional support if you’re feeling worried or anxious
  • Financial support
  • Personal care and support including food and delivery of prescriptions
  • Housing and support for the homeless
  • Social Care or Medical transport needs
  • Waste collection and disposal


Emotional Health and Wellbeing

Staying Healthy, Happy and Safe at Home - lots of useful information on staying healthy and it has a special families and children's section.

We Get It  is a cancer charity that offer free support for people dealing with cancer and understands the impact of Covid-19 on people living with cancer has been immense. They run various weekly socials on Zoom.  Please visit their website We Get It for lots of information and ways to get in touch with them.


Bereavement support services

Somerset has developed additional bereavement support services that have a quick and easy referral process.  If anyone would like to talk to someone about their loss then please contact the Marie Curie Helpline  0800 3047 412 Monday – Saturday 09.00-17.00. They are there to help and would welcome your call.  The service also has qualified bereavement support workers available for more in-depth support if needed. Professional referrals can be taken with the person’s permission.


Research Trials

Consent To Contact: Covid-19 Vaccine Trials

Sign up to be contacted for Covid-19 vaccine studies. By signing up you are giving permission for researchers to contact you about taking part in coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine studies in the UK. This does not mean you are signing up to trials, simply signing up to consent to being contacted only. For more information on vaccine trials visit:  Be Part Of Research

Sign up to Consent To Contact: Covid-19 Vaccine Trials  Consent To Contact


Donate Blood Plasma

We need more people, especially men, who have recovered from coronavirus (COVID-19) to register and donate blood plasma which might saves lives. Convalescent plasma is the antibody-rich plasma of people who have recovered from coronavirus, which can be transfused into people with coronavirus who are struggling to develop their own immune response. 

Please visit NHS - how you can help for more information and how you can donate.


Principle Study

Participants needed to take part in national COVID-19 trial.

Researchers at the University of Oxford are appealing for people with typical COVID-19 symptoms, aged 50-64 years with existing medical conditions, or 65 years and over with or without existing medical conditions, to take part in a national priority status clinical trial - PRINCIPLE. Visit the website for more information and to check if you are eligible. Principle Trial


Covid-19 vaccination programme

Latest Update 28-07-2021

Anyone 18 years and over is eligible for their covid vaccine. Please visit Shape Mendip or NHS Vaccinations for more information or to book your vaccine.

You can also find out more information on the Somerset NHS vaccination programme which is regularly updated to reflect the most pressing or common questions/ concerns we are seeing as part of the vaccination programme.

Frequently asked questions: Covid-19 Vaccination Programme - FAQ's

Thank you for your continuing support and patience.


Covid-19 Vaccination Certification

We are unable to offer you a certification of your covid vaccination, a vaccination passport or a letter to prove you have been vaccinated against covid-19. For more information on demonstrating your vaccination status please visit GOV.UK

Proof of your vaccination status will be available on the NHSapp, which is also valuable for accessing your health records and ordering repeat prescriptions. The NHSapp can be downloaded for iphone or android

Alternatively you can call the NHS helpline on 119 and ask for a letter to be posted to you. This must be at least 5 days after you’ve completed your course of the vaccine, the letter may to take up to 5 days to reach you.